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Trey Sheridan is Lead Youth Advisor for DICE, serving as a voice and leader of young people in our communities.


Trey is a Senior BS/MS Chemical Engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Through WPI, he has worked in a myriad of interdisciplinary fields including supply chain research, data analysis, carbon capture, fuel cell technology, and youth curriculum development. 


As an advocate for gender and minority inclusion, Trey believes that efficient engineering exists at the boundary between understanding science and understanding people; his fog water capture classroom model for urban middle schools is amongst his proudest works. His recent projects have focused on diversifying various engineering fields through gender and minority participation in accordance with WPI’s Humanitarian Engineering program. 


Central to Trey’s understanding of engineering is the notion that the world’s problems cannot be answered in the absence of diverse solutions. To that end, he feels that it is a virtue to facilitate an innovative outlook from an early age. Within his role with DICE, Trey seeks to further explore the intersection between youth outreach and diverse perspectives.


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