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Stacey DeCotis (she, her) is the director of educational programming for DICE. and leads group learning for members and the community.


A 5th grade teacher, Stacey was involved with launching Readers’ Workshop in her district and has served for three years on the planning committee for her school’s ‘Wonder Fair’ -- a school event where students learn about different abilities and celebrate differences. She is an avid reader of kids’ books and enjoys meeting authors and attending literacy conferences. Through ongoing learning, she has found a passion in anti-bias and antiracist teaching. Recent experiences include two summers attending the Institute for Racial Literacy and participating in the Teacher Collaborative’s Suburban Educators for Racial Equity, becoming a Peer Leader in The Art of AntiRacist Teaching.

Stacey is an advocate of teaching the “4th ‘R’ -- Racial Literacy.” She champions investing in professional development to drive curriculum that is trauma-informed and anti-bias. She believes “reading is an act of empathy” and strives to build inclusive classroom libraries to ensure all kids affirm their identities in the books they read and learn about the experiences of others. She has created resources on Teaching Hard History and Anti-Racist Books Lists.


Stacey earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Stonehill College and her Master’s Degree in Moderate Special Needs from Lesley University. She lives in Bridgewater with her family and is a proud daughter of Greek immigrants. Follow her on Instagram @readinginthemiddlegrades and


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