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Join us May 5th at 4:00-5:30 pm for an eye-opening presentation about the lived experiences of members of the Bridgewater and Raynham community. 

We are honored to announce, over the past two months, BCCR (Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights) and DICE (Diversity and Inclusion for Community Empowerment) partnered with two professors Dr. Jibril Solomon and Dr. Taylor Hall, from Bridgewater State University’s School of Social Work. Efforts were made to analyze and summarize the data results from the surveys completed by the Bridgewater and Raynham community. Our findings were then turned into an official report, along with a PowerPoint presentation to explain the results and set the stage for future actions in the quest for greater equity and inclusion in our communities. 


Community Listening Session Part II

We are committed to sharing the eye-opening findings with Bridgewater and Raynham town officials, BRRSD Administrators, and all community members who are seeking protection and or support change for the greater good. We invite you to join us on May 5th at 4:00-5:30 for this virtual event to gain further insight into the lives of marginalized communities in Bridgewater and Raynham and explore possible solutions.

We hope that you agree that attending this presentation should not be missed as our WHY and key drivers behind this collaborative project continue to grow with importance. In the wake of increasing numbers of national and local hate crimes, inclusive of systemic brutality against people of color, it behooves all Bridgewater and Raynham community residents to come together to figure out how to bring our own towns forward.

We invite you to continue the conversation that was started a few months ago and encourage you to invite other leaders, town stakeholders, residents, and individuals who work in our towns to attend and become part of these efforts to build more inclusive and equitable Bridgewater and Raynham communities.  


Jibril Solomon.jpg

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Dr. Solomon considers teaching and community informed scholarship to be both a passion and vocation. His own curiosity about human nature and behavior as well as interest in biological, psychological and psychosocial phenomena in peoples’ lives and social conditions inform his work. He believes that social and racial justice are critical protective factors for all human development. Dr. Solomon connects his background in human biological sciences, education, psychometrics assessment, social work, and research to advance human and community development, and the training of evidence-based and socially conscious practitioners. He holds a BA in Biology, MSW, and Ph.D. in Psychometrics Assessment.


Assistant Professor of Social Work

Area of Expertise

Substance Use Disorders, Policy, Program Evaluation

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