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Astrid Rojas is the PTO Liaison Partner of DICE, who is also spearheading the Diversity and Inclusion efforts at local Bridgewater and Raynham schools with the support and collaboration of a diverse body of PTO D&I committee members. 


Astrid immigrated from Guatemala with her family during her infancy. While her family set roots in Massachusetts, she had the fortune of living in rural, suburban and urban communities. Giving her the opportunity to learn first hand about the disparity of quality in the education system and the experience of marginalization in communities and schools. Her lived experiences and compassion inspire her to build inclusive communities and school environments for children and future generations. 


Astrid brings her experience in leading change, a well-rounded perspective and the servant leadership to inspire others towards a unified vision and mission. She holds a professional background in the Software and Tech industry. In addition to co-chairing the Diversity and Inclusion efforts at George Mitchell Elementary school, Astrid is the newest member to serve on the Bridgewater Town Planning Board.  


She holds a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts and a Master of Science degree in Project and Program Management from Brandeis University. Astrid is also a current MBA candidate at Boston College. It is her mission to join efforts with local schools and DICE to help build inclusive and empowered communities for all.


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